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Earthquakes, Volcanos and Tsunamis!

By Evelyn Kay, Year 8

Can we predict when earthquakes, volcanic Eruptions and tsunamis will strike? Let’s find out!


Well, the simple answer is no, scientists can’t predict when a major earthquake is going to happen. However, they have come as far as being able to calculate the probability that one of these should occur within a certain amount of years and in specific areas.

Volcanic Eruptions:

In fact, volcanologists can predict when a volcanic eruption is going to happen. However, this can only be done if a thorough history of the specific volcano is understood. They will then have to install the specific instrumentation to that volcano before continuously monitoring the data provided by the special equipment.


In theory scientists can predict when a tsunami is going to happen. However, this can only be done once an earthquake has happened. As earthquakes are the usual cause of tsunamis and can’t be predicted, neither can tsunamis, until an earthquake has passed.

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