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5 Eco Travel Tips!

By Evelyn Kay, Year 8.

What happens if you care about climate change, but you to travel the world?

Most people are conscious about the environment and want take steps to protect it. So here are five travel tips on what you can do that are better for the environment than taking the plane!

1) Travel nearer to home.

Traveling around your country is great, as it drastically reduces your carbon footprint compared to taking a flight or a really long car journey abroad. It also is a brilliant experience to really find out about different areas near you. You may be surprised!

2.) Being smart with your transport choice.

Despite being in the making, electric cars are not fully accessible or affordable for all, therefore in the meantime we need to try and make an effort to travel more sustainably. For example, riding a bike or walking short distances, such as going to your near by shop to do your weekly shop. Or taking public transport to further places instead.

3) Ditch bottled water!

We live in a country where tap water is safe to drink, so drink it!

Travelling with your own BPA-free reusable water bottle – filled with tap water - is beneficial in quite a few ways. Firstly, you always have a bottle that you can use. Secondly,

it will save you quite a lot of money in the long run if you aren’t constantly buying single use plastic bottles. Thirdly, your own water bottle doesn’t take up that much room in your bag and is considerably cheaper, if not free! You can even ask a café or somewhere similar to kindly fill it up for you.

4) Admire the wildlife but don’t touch it!

Never feed or touch the wildlife, for any reason. Feeding animals makes them too reliant on humans, and often leads to attacks. If you get bit or quite badly hurt, the animal will most likely be killed.

5) Treat a hotel like your house

If your staying in a hotel hang up your towels after each use, as this is the universal sign that you’d like to use them again. You don’t wash your towels after every use at home, so why do it when you travel? Also, if you have any leftover products from the hotel room such as shampoo, body wash, bars of soap, etc, take them back with you as when you leave, otherwise these products generally get thrown away and replaced for the next person.

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